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vers 1.3 CogMeow

CogMeow is a task shortener which allows you to stop doing manually the same actions over and over. Press only one button or one keyboard shortcut to perform them all. Call the app with a global shortcut to be even faster. Perfect for him who hates wasting time, even a few seconds. Features - 7 wonderfur buttons! - Each button can perform multiple tasks of your choice with a single click - Each button has a keyboard shortcut, to be even faster! - CogMeow has a global shortcut too (⌘` for english keyboards, ⌘ - Easy button setup, thanks to the wizard! - Lightweight, free, and cute :3

Updated on High Sierra v.1.4.CogMeow.8x7h.app [12166 KB]
Featured! version vers_1.5_CogMeow_aOE1P.tar.gz [12054 KB]

Matteo Musso
Site: http://www.science-book.eu

for MacOS E1H_version_2.50_SWFConv.app [8314 KB] 1.51
Recomended! version i0V5_ver_2018.1_Adobe_DPS_Desktop_Tools_for_InDesign.tar.gz [2974 KB] 2016.2
New El Captan 3.4-LEGO-NXT-REMOTE-ZBT.TAR.GZ [879 KB] 4.0

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